What is The Purpose of Different Valves?

Different valves have different uses and purposes. Let’s know about it!!

Air Valves are placed at the point of operation to shut off the supply of air. For a smooth operation, you should make sure that it is grease free and oil free for reducing chances of damage. These should be placed properly to avoid any kind of accidents. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to operate this or adjust any functionality of the equipment. They should be installed on compressor equipment so that it does not become inoperative. Avoid putting much pressure on the valve.

A Pressure Relief Valve protects pressurised vessel or system to protect a pressurised vessel or any other system in case of overpressure. The main purpose of these is to protect life and property by the vent of fluid from an over pressurised vessel. The system controls the flow of fluid and is useful, especially during power failure.

Pneumatic Valve should be used in such a way that it prevents excess of air. It is advised to wear preventive equipments for protection of eyes, face and body. The personnel should be trained to operate the valve. It should be inspected at regular intervals and the control valve should be switched on and off according to the situation. The equipment should withstand excess pressure and prevent any leakage.

The Globe Valve needs routine maintenance to prevent overhauling of procedures and test it accordingly. The more the precaution you take, the smoother is the operation. Before installing the valves, you should clean the pipeline by blowing air or water by high-pressure water. For conducting 3-way valve, you should check if all the safety measures are conducted. Wear protective gloves and safety goggles for installation.

Make sure that the nuts are not over tight. Also, ensure that the valve is not subjected to tension or cause excess stress. The Stainless Steel Valve should be cleaned regularly and stored in a dry ventilated place.