What are The Functions of The Pulleys?

Pulleys can connect the motor efficiently. There are many precautions that need to be followed while using the alternator pulley. The transistors that are used in the alternator circuit are very sensitive but these can be easily damaged. You should avoid grounding the output wires. You should not consider if the engine is running or not. The polarity of the battery may even destroy the diodes so avoid grounding this pulley. You may use fast charger so that your battery gets boosted. It is important to ensure that the engine is connected properly.


The aluminium pulley has an optional mechanics and the direction of rotation by the aluminium arrow or plastic sticker that is used for tightening the end housing on the terminal box of the pulley. It also has clockwise and counter clockwise backstops. The Engine Pulley should be powered in such a way that there is a compartment for the air conditioners, fans and power steering of the vehicles. The tension should be properly adjusted for preventing any breakage of the loose belts and it can also dismount pulleys also. You should take due care to prevent slippage or dismounting of belt. Create as much tension as possible to resist any kind of stretching.

If you are using the Precision Pulley, you should use the stopper strength torsional for mounting pulley on the shaft. Make sure that the torsional moment is not too much otherwise it may cause breakage also. You should make sure that the load weighs maximum 1 kg. You should solder the terminal tip as soon as possible and adjust the hole to dissolve dielectric between electrodes that may result in short circuiting. Before operating the Blower Pulley, you should put some oil in the reservoirs for lubrication. Make sure not to fill the oil reservoirs until the blower is mounted in the location.