Utility of Conveyor Belt in Different Industries

A Utility of conveyor belt is handling system for carrying materials. It is looped over rollers and two terminal pulleys for movement along the belt. Conveyor Belts can be divided into fabric/steel reinforced belts and wire mesh belts which is used according to the work. According to Conveyor Belt Manufacturers in Delhi, there is a heavy demand of conveyor belt, as it increases their manufacturing efficiency. It is made by embedding combination of textile, canvas, nylon, steel cord in polymer slabs, usually rubber. Number and type of plies (layers) determine the strength of the belt. The Used Rubber Conveyor Belt Suppliers provide longer lengths without splicing, reducing installation and maintenance cost of the conveyor belt.

Different Conveyor Belt Types:

Steel-wire-reinforced Conveyor Belts are extra strong since their cords are pre-tensioned. It is mainly used in mining and handling heavy material. For underground mining, flame-resistant belts are required. The belts have properties like oil, chemical and heat/cold resistant and are either acid-proof or alkali-proof. Some types of mesh are tightly woven mesh. In others, mesh openings are large and it enables air passage and water jet cleaning.

The Used Conveyor Belt Suppliers have wire mesh belts and it has good heat and cold resistant properties as it takes heavy loads. It is used in bakeries, cooking lines and freezing plants. With continuous use, belts become slack. However, tensioners can prevent it. A special type of belt is required for inclined and high-speed conveyor systems. You can consult manufacturers and consultants for choice of belt according to your use.