Use of Different Types of V Belts

Ribbed v belts have a fine finish and it is of best quality. These belts offer excellent resistance to wear and tear. Ribbed v belts suppliers offer belt at a very feasible price. The V belts are also called Vee or fan belts. These belts are source of motion and it is used for transmitting power efficiently. The Vee belts suppliers offer quality belts at the most economical rates. The belt is highly durable to provide best performance. It is anti-static, resistant to oil and heat and is highly tensile in strength. The belt is mainly used for power transmission and it avoids slippage and alignment problem. The usage of belt depends on requirement of power, limits space, temperature and nature of industry.

Features of Nylon sandwich belts:

  • Highly flexible, durable and light weighted.
  • Low consumption of power.
  • More shock absorbing power and great friction.
  • Longer life in industrial operations and less maintenance cost.

Polyester cord reinforced v belt are suitable for aviation, aerospace, fire and sea fights. Polyester cord reinforced v belt suppliers offer high quality of filament, unique dipping and heating. The belt offers many benefits like high strength, low elongation, anti-fatigue and adhesion with rubber. It is capable of polymerization, hardness and anti-fatigue in hardening treatment. Nylon sandwich belt offers low speed variation, shock absorbing capability and it is light weighted. Nylon sandwich belt suppliers offer belt at a very competitive price to carry heavy load from one place to other. It is used in steel, automobile, paper and fertilizer industry.

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