Use of Different Couplings in Industry

Flexible couplings are used for transmitting power from one shaft to the other. The Flexible coupling suppliers cater all your technical specifications. These have high resistance to pressure, vacuum tightness, resistance to corrosion and thermal stability. The flexible couplings limit torque and needs low cost of maintenance. This is effective in reducing transmission of shock from one shaft to the other. Flexible shaft coupling suppliers ensure that they solve all types of coupling error and fulfill all its function.

Functions of flexible shaft coupling:

  • These are used for connecting and transmitting power from driving shaft to a driven shaft.
  • It is a protected system and it avoids any kind of misalignment like angular, combination and many others.

Tyre coupling needs high grade raw materials and latest technology to be in line with the international quality standards. These couplings are used to neutralize parallel, axial, angular and a combination of couplings. Tyre coupling suppliers provide flexible coupling with taper lock bush fittings. Tyre couplings possess high strength, compact design, resistance to corrosion and durability.

Snap wrap coupling comprises of L hubs, snap wrap spider and snap ring. It provides flexibility, speedy installation and easy maintenance. The snap wrap coupling suppliers eliminate the need of dismantling the connected equipment. Cushion coupling suppliers offer resistance fuels, grease, solvents and harsh environment. It is especially designed to allow flex in all directions with negligible to build up and power loss. This eliminates the need of lubrication and it can be maintained easily.