Three Common Types of Transmission Belting Used in India

Traction core transmission belting in India is used for indoor transportation of semi-finished products. This does not contain a rubber coating and is used as bucket lifts that is used for raising some small material like grift, screws and pastes. These tensile belting is oil resistant and is used for transporting sheet metal, skin or benches. This is mainly used in the agricultural sector for irrigation purpose. These are known for some good characteristics like flexibility, conductivity and quick jointing. The product has wide applicability in the electronics, graphic arts and packaging industry.

Flat transmission belting in India is used as ropes, carriers and corrugated sidewalls in the food industry. These belts are used for jointing, processing and conveying. This belt is known for durability and precise dimension.

Features of flat transmission belting:

  • It has high strength, flexibility and coefficient of friction.
  • It has light weight and is inextensible.
  • This belting has constant thickness and stable length.
  • It is known for aggressive power transmission capability.
  • It is resistant to oil and chemical.
  • This is easy to handle and track at high speeds.

Endless transmission belts in India are installed easily and it is resistant to environmental. These are economically also.