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Trend of v-belts in India

The process of advancement has taken place with the real quick in India. Not only in terms of economics, but it did change the view regarding technology. To draw the view clearer in the minds of the people, let’s take an example of the growing industries in our country. Everybody knows that there have been many big industries which have been set up to give the finest product to its customer. But has anyone thought of how they are able to give finest production every time. It is because of the various parts of the machines. Likewise, V-belts in India are being used in most of the industries because it resolves one of the main purposes, that weight is carried by a pulley which is not being possible without belts.

These belts which are used in pulley to carry heavy weights, so it is really important that they should be made of fine material and that is why belts of material like polyester cord reinforced V-belts in India are used in most of the industries for better durability. Few exporters in India or the manufacturers of such belts try to manufacture the belt of better quality by using Tuff material to it.

There are other Belts too of different material which are being used by the industry like a Nylon sandwich belt in India, which is being made of nylon to a long lasting working. In this belt there is a combination of nylon and rubber as well. The thin belt of nylon is being covered by the layer of rubber on both sides. It has been observed that the common usage of rubber flat belting in India is common in every industry.

So, with the increase in demand and supply the trend of producing different belts has been adopted.