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Do Your Idler Rolls Meet the Minimum Run Out (T.I.R.) Tolerance?

Are you in need of any safe, correctly functioned conveying equipment? In that case, you can keep in mind the roller or Conveyor idlers which play an essential part regarding protection and security, efficiency and function of your conveying tools. The roller’s placement and design give a significant impact on the conveyor. As a result, it can perform massive work within a period and consecutively affects in production and mine production.

You must know how this Total Indicated Runout (TIR) tolerance affect the conveyor idlers. You need to be sure that the mining tools must be designed in a way so that it can do the exact performance that you need for the business goals.

•    The Roller Conveyor Supplier can understand your need

The roller conveyors suppliers can understand well about your requirement. As a result, they can lessen the risk of the given order so that you do not provide the wrong. They will suggest some do’s and don’ts while you are placing the order.

•    Take care  while putting order to the Roller Conveyors Suppliers

If you are planning on giving orders to the roller conveyors suppliers, you should keep in mind that you should not overlook the diameter of the roller and its length. You should note down the roller’s make, serial number, and its model that you need for the conveyor. If it is custom made, and contain the number in it, then you can identify its particular component that will be required.

•    What type of products can you get from the suppliers?

Usually, the roller conveyors suppliers supply different types of machines such as:

1.    Machine tool outer protective

2.    Shield series

3.    Chip conveyor

4.    Steel towline

5.    Plastic drag chain

6.    Machine tool work light set

Thus, you can place the correct order to the suppliers for roller conveyor for getting a satisfactory result in your business.

Replacing Conveyor Roller: The Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding properly what information to have on hand when ordering replacement conveyor rollers can remove a lot of presumption work.

It can actually reduce the risk of ordering the incorrect roller conveyor and not having the correct part available when equipments break down. There are some general do’s and don’ts when you are ready to place the order for replacing the roller conveyor:


  • When you are preparing for ordering take a note of make, model and serial number of the rollers you need and the corresponding conveyor. If the conveyor is custom made,  having the serial number will identify the special component that would be needed.
  • There are terms such as snub roller, which depending on the model of conveyor may have different part number based on where is the roller position. So always provide the description that where the roller is used else you may end up getting wrong part. Like 2.5” diameter snub roller has a different part number than the 2.5” diameter snub roller used with an 8” diameter pulley. So based on its position the part is defined.


  • Never overlook the details like roller diameter and roller length. There are multiple roller part number for rollers in the approximate 2” diameter range. Some part numbers can be used in place of one another, but we want to replace the rollers with the rollers of same specification we have to be careful.
  • A 2” diameter x 12 gauge conveyor roller is often mistaken for the 1.9” diameter roller. To avoid such mistake use precision measurement tool, a pair of caliper, to measure the exact diameter.

By keeping in mind and considering the above points you can avoid the mistake of ending up with wrong sized part of the conveyor roller. But sometimes you can take the help of the technical person from roller conveyor supplier who arrives from the company and he can provide you with right information.