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Rubber Mats Best for Natural Dielectric Material

Rubber mats are used for mainly the insulation purpose. Rubber floor mats and even the rubber flooring in large area add a safety element to almost many situations that they are used in rubber mats generally sticks to most of the surface without adhesive, so it doesn’t slip and neither allows the person to slip who walks on the mat. Rubber Mat Manufacturer in Delhi produces the quality that is best and long lasting and durable. Rubber is naturally found dielectric material and therefore restrains the flow of electric charge as the result of its molecular structure preventing the free flow of electrons. This property of being dielectric and electrically resistant makes rubber an ideal insulator.

The rubber mats can be used whenever there is a risk of electric shock in that location. Especially in front of the switchboards, in front of the machines control gear, in plant rooms where there are electrical circuits , lift control gear rooms also as a portable protection for the site engineers who are usually working in live equipments. Rubber Mat Supplier in Delhi supplies the best of the quality that is used for all the above purposes. Even in the power transmitting rooms and substations it should be used as it’s a natural insulator and can be spread over a large area. Usually the most common color used are black, blue and grey, but if required can also be manufactured in other colors. Usually manure abrasions are purposely provided so that to make its surface anti skid. Electrical Rubber Mat Manufacturer makes sure that you get it in all the sizes so that it solves your purpose.