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Get to Know about 6 Types of Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets are useful material for both the industrial and domestic purposes. They can be used on a baby cot as well as in the chemical research centers. Rubber mats are necessary equipment for various purposes in the production industry and medical purposes. Considering the different purposes-solving capabilities, this type of product is available in different forms. In that six types are-

 1. Natural Rubber Piece

This type of material is made from the natural rubber tree. It is the most eco-friendly one than any other kind. The rubber mats made from the materials are used dynamically on various occasions.

 2. Silicone covers

It is made of temperature resistant material. That is why it can be used in the research centers and chemical industries, where works on high temperature are done.

 3. EPDM Covers

This type of piece is endowed with weather resistant capacity. It is mainly used for the roofing purpose. At the same time, these kinds of rubber sheets  are appropriate to use in the outdoor areas also.

 4. Neoprene Type

Each type of rubber made equipment is made for some particular purpose. In this way, the neoprene type is made of a fire-resistant material. Therefore, it can be used in the wielding industries, cooking panels and any fire evoking works.

 5. Viton Type

It is the synthetic type of material, and it is made artificially. It can resist the high exposure things like acids, any other chemicals, petroleum and chemical oil. Resistance capacity of the material is 400F- 2000F temperature.

 6. Nitrile Cover

This type of rubber made cover is highly appropriate for the cooking industry. It can absorb necessary oil form the food but does not cause any chemical reaction with them. Apart from cooking industries, this material is used for the oil hoses and petrol pumps as well.

 Thus, different types of rubber made materials are providing its service to all kind of industries and domestic households.