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Extend Conveyor Pulley Life and Cut the Cost with Relagging

Conveyor pulley manufacturers suggest that many irregularities creep in over the period with conveyor mechanics, changing production rate and harsh environmental conditions effects equally.

Below are the lists of few such experienced problems with our solutions to help resolve them.

•    Excessive conveyor belt top cover wears over its surface: This is caused due to material built upon pulley face of the return idler or on the conveyor structure itself. For it install secondary belt cleaning system that checks skirting and improve material containment. Clean the rollers and adequately align idlers this will help the life of pulley

•    Excessive pulley cover wears: This problem is caused due to insufficient traction between belt and drive pulley. Always check that drive pulley is free of build-up. Check for the material build-up on the pulley face or also the conveyor structure. Conveyor pulley manufacturers suggest for reducing this you can install vee plow type belt cleaner.

•    Excessive edge wear: This is also caused due to material build-up on the pulley surface or conveyor structure. Do an inspection and do control belt alignment. Check skirting and install belt cleaners.

•    Belt run off at head pulley: Most often it is the result of the belt not tracking. Improve material contentment, check skirting and installation of the belt cleaners in front pulley can help.

•    Belt slips when the conveyor started: Caused due to insufficient traction between belt and drive pulley. For this one should see that drive pulley is free of build-up. La drives pulley and increases the belt tension.

•    Vulcanize splice failure: When any materials get trapped between the pulley and the belt. Improve contentment at load point and along the conveyor. One must install the belt cleaner plows in front of the high pulley.

•    Longitudinal grooves or crack in the bottom cover: Caused due to material build-up on the pulley face or conveyor structure. Clean the system and improve material containment.

There are certain precautions which should be taken for the long life of the conveyor pulley, or else it depreciates with time, and you might have to change the system. HIC INTERNATIONAL CO INC http://www.universaldelhi.org/ is the largest producer of the conveyor pulley for industrial purpose and also lets us knows the care that should be taken for its long life.

Multipurpose Uses of Flexible Roller Conveyor

The flexible roller conveyor belt is essential equipment in any industry. It serves multiple purposes from washing and distribution of the raw materials to its packaging. In every step you may need a different kind of distributing belt. There is a wide range of variety in the width and height of the equipment. It ranges from the 1.2 inches width to the huge 8 inches width. You can select the apt one as per your requirement.

The Purposes of the Roller Conveyor

The multiple purposes of this equipment are-

  • To Push Towards Gravity

To drop anything towards the gravity this type of the flexible roller conveyor can be used. It is mostly used in newspaper or book printing.

  • To Wash the Raw Materials

In many industries, especially in the food industries, the raw materials have to be washed before the preparation. The rollers in the equipment help the materials to slide down smoothly. It can work even after the washing while distributing the thing for the next step of the preparation.

  • To Carry Heavy Loads in a Series of Works

This equipment can also be used to send or carry some heavy loads from one place to another. It is needed in the heavy works of the warehouses while performing the series of the works.

  • The Conveniences of Using It

There are a few conveniences of using flexible roller conveyor.

They are-

  1.   It makes the carrying of the loads easier.
  2.   The things on it come smoothly without any damage because of the rollers in the belt.
  3.   It saves time and increases productivity.