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Benefits of High Shock Absorption & Minimal Slippage Flexible Couplings

The flexible coupling, as usual, is meant for the transmission of power in a mechanical system like any other coupling forms. Camlock coupling is one of those types, which plays an important role in the transmission of the power and attach two shafts together to work in unison.

The advantages of the high shock absorption

As the coupling system deals with the generation of the power from the source, the components and its materials should be able to absorb the high shock from the power. At the same time, they should be able to transfer the generated power to the respective place, which leads the machine or the engine to the motion. The camlock coupling is usually made in the manner that they are eligible enough to stand the high power shock in the system and still work genuinely.

The benefits from the shock absorption and the minimal slippage flexible coupling

There are mainly two types of couplings popular in the industrial sector- rigid coupling and flexible coupling. The flexible coupling is gaining fast popularity because of the following reasons.
 Unlike the rigid ones, the flexible coupling provides various ranges of utility to the users.
 There is no specific position or angles to install these combining components. That is why; the users don’t have to bother much about a little misalignment between the shafts.
 The flexible kinds of combining components can even replace the gear train and universal joints also.
 This combination does not slip from its set up with a little trouble. That is why; the user can be assured of this right performance after a proper installation.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning that camlock coupling can provide all these benefits to the industrial users. In this way, these combinations are being popular for its multiple usages in the mechanical units.

A Guidance on How You Can Own Camlock Coupling With Lower Cost

The camlock coupling is an essential component for manufacturing of the products like cosmetics, chemical and in many more industries.There are many providers of the components, who work professionally to supply it in correct price.

The activity of the camlock coupling and its features

This component is quite popular in this industry due to the special features in it. Usually, the aluminum material is the most popular due to it usefulness and powerful activity. Actually, the steel made body and quick activeness with the aluminum handle have made the component excessively popular in the respective industries. Its features that made it useful are-

  • It is easy to use in the works with gases, oils and air-compressed equipment.
  • It tightens the connecting source at its best to keep up the connectivity intact.

How it can be available in the lower cost?

Here are some ways to avail the camlock coupling in affordable cost.


  • Compare the price

First of all, you should compare the cost of the components with the other manufacturers. Thus, you can reach the best price.


  • Learn about the features

The features make a component worth for the cost. Therefore, you also learn about the offered features to relate the respective prices. It can give you the proper idea about price in respect to the features.


  • Find the professional guide

The professional suppliers can be the right guides to choose the correct product for you in respect to your necessity.


Thus, you can find right product with lower cost.

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Availability of Hose Coupling Suppliers in South Africa

For years this hose coupling has gained extensive experience in the production and marketing of industrial hoses in and around South Africa. The business is completely focused on engineering, distribution, manufacturing, installation and ordering, along with a total service and repairing facilities. Quality has always supreme importance for a company providing the services and thus they come out with effective Hose Coupling Suppliers in Africa.

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Staffs there are constantly on the lookout for new trade with various reputable industries where we feel confident to value in terms of selling quality products at the right price. Before purchasing the services make sure they are using advanced technologies. This ensures that you are at the right place getting the perfect Hose and Couplings for Africa.

Heliflex Hose South Africa is designed to be durable and flexible and provide versatile, long-lasting, industrial hoses personalized to their application needs. Here, you can find online technical support offers a diverse range of repairing service including Heliflex hose to suit different applications that require a proper maintenance intervention. Moreover, they are able to supply a huge range of PVC, rubber, and flexible metallic hose clamps and couplings including hydraulic hose and fittings, specified industrial hose, heavy-duty hose, etc. with the small or large bore as per the specifications.

camlock couplings

They also supply a huge array of Camlock couplings for mining, industrial, agricultural, and petroleum applications. Also, the Camlock Couplings South Africa are easily interchangeable with other different couplings and can be used with all types of PVC hoses, composite hoses, and rubber hoses. Over a decade, they have gathered experience in supplying cost-effective high-grade Camlock couplings with superior durability and performance to suit your specific demands. The company’s wide-ranging Camlock coupling stock holding helps to ensure immediate delivery with comprehensive product range at a reasonable price throughout South Africa so that clients can use it in a much economical ways for reconnecting or disconnecting.

Alongside, they are confident that they can add value in terms of delivery to customers’ premises, transport saving, technical support and more importantly affordable pricing. Anytime you can easily get in touch with them availing suitable services fulfilling all your specifications. Simply you have to login by providing your detailed business profile.