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Ball Valves Types, Construction, Applications and Advantages

The ball valves are used as aquarter-turn valve that is specially designed for liquid, compressed air and clean gas. These components are used in a large number of industries because of its refractive design. For the excellent sealing abilities in these components, various materials are used like synthetic rubbers, nylon, polymers, and Delrin.

You will find the following types of ball valves for applications in various industries:
• Split body Ball valve
• Top entry Ball valve
• And entry Ball valve
• Three piece body Ball valve
• Double Trunnion ball valves
• Lubricated ball valves
• Non-lubricated ball valves

Construction of the Ball valve:

In the ball valves, three of the components are used that our body, seats and spherical plug. These components are manufactured in three patterns: full port reduced ports and Venturi port. Some of the valves are also available with the properties of lubricant seal. Ball valve maybe bidirectional, unidirectional and multi-directional and it will depend on a number of ports and seats in the valve. The different designs of ball valves are manufactured and constructed in the different ways. If you want to find multi way ball valve manufacturers in India, you can easily make an online search for it.
• Stream service
• Gas, air and liquid applications for bubble tight service
• Instrument root valves
• Feed water systems and cooling water systems
• Helpful to provide bubble tight service
• Easy to open and close
• Small size as compare to Gate valve
• Lightweight design
• Versatile design with multi-port options
• Flexibility because of several design options
• Useful in the slurry and clean applications
• Reliability in high pressure and temperature applications

Because of all these applications, these walls are used in various Industries because of various features and benefits. If you also want to find the best Ball valve products for these applications, many manufacturers are available for it.

Some Important Facts About Multi Way Ball Valve

The multi way ball valve has achieved its name due to the ball inside the compound mechanism of this component. It is required in for many of the machineries in the production industries. Though manufactured in all over the world, still among them the production from multi way ball valve manufacturers in India is quite popular in the country and even out of the country.

  The characteristic facts

 Here are some important features of this product-

  • Transports weighty gas and oil

It is an essential component for the machineries that carry forward the heavy weight gas and oily products. It has the capacity to endure the intense pressure that pivots around the ball inside the system.

  • The capacity and diameter

Usually, the nominal diameter of this product varies from 4 to 65 and the standard pressure is up to 7250 PSI.

  • Inclusion of the devices

This component is used in various types of devices, which are used in different industries. Such as it is used in the position indicator, the limitation-mentioning switch, and proximity switch and in the locking machineries.

  • The design of the component

The primary design of the valve is with the multi way ports and a ball in the mid point of the valve. The ball is set in such a position that ensures the opening of the port at the time of requirement with the help of the respective switch button.

 The multi way ball valve manufacturers in India produce the product considering the different types of needs in the market.

Pipe Fittings Are Now Easier With New Weapons!

One of the major problems in which now a industry must face while installing its big and heavy machines is the perfect fitting of such machines. Installation of big machines in the industry perfectly is really important.

But to solve such problems here comes an ultimate solution that is 3 Way High Pressure Ball Valve in India. It is really important for an industry to install most reliable and economical source of high pressure products. High pressure ball valve extensive line of components and system which is designed to satisfy the unique requirement of elevated pressure application with fittings, tubing, pressure vessels, pumping system etc. in the same manner three piece ball valve in India. Proves to be another boon in the world of fittings. Three piece valves are ideal for;

  • High temperature
  • High cycle application

These time saving features are beneficial for the process industries, automated valves and welded piping system.

To the other side of fitting one of the methods to control the flow of water into water cisterns and the tank is the use of ball valves and for more convenient measure such problem can be solved by the low Pressure Valve in India. As the water level in the tank drops the arm falls and opens the valve to allow water to enter into the tank which solves the problem of most of the water storage industry.

Compact Ball Valve in India serves the best purpose. As the name suggests compact, these valves are really compact and helps to connect the pipe and to control the water pressure by its nozzle. And in the same way the concept of 2 Way Ball Valve in India works which is used as fitting for high pressure application and used in a wide variety.