Power Transmission Belts for Various Industrial Purposes

Power transmission belts are used to transmit power to different parts of the system. It comes in a variety of types, such as v-belt and timing belts. Power Transmission Belts Manufacturers make the belt in the standard sizes and also can be metric. Also, they can be made tailor made to suit the specific industry and application needs or machine design. It has very high breaking strength and minimal elongation. It is used in various industrial purposes in various equipments. Power Transmission Belt Manufacturers India makes sure that it can be customized according to the requirement in an industry where the fitness equipments are manufactured, in paper making industry, in textile machinery belts, in packaging machinery etc.

Also, it is made oil resistant so it is used for oil resistant conveyer belts, and folder and carrier belts. Power transmission belts have a distinct feature of high tensile strength, maximum efficiency, easy compatibility and long durability. They are composed of many materials like rubber, neoprene and urethane. They are shaped to form a loop or helix. Power Transmission Belt Manufacturers in Delhi are manufactured by many companies, as they are a significant part of industrial machines and they are used in the construction, automobile manufacturing industry, metalwork industry, in agriculture, chemical and transportation industries also. The power transmission belts are very durable and have a lot of tensile strength. It they are worn out it can be replaced by ordering it from any suppliers of the belts. But one should know the suppliers, as they should have the proper product and it should fit your specifications.