Look at All Aspects of Gear Couplings

Gear couplings are a popular form of flexible shaft coupling and it is used for mechanical power transmission. It is highly durable and can be installed easily. The mechanical device has high capacity of transferring torque between two connected shafts to the axle.
The Gear Coupling Manufacturers in India design the couplings in two ways:

  • Full Flexible Type

A full-flexible type of coupling consists of two external gear hubs and it has finished bore, teeth and connecting shafts. Teeth of these hubs match with the internal teeth of gearbox and it forms a spline joint for power transmission.

  • Semi Flexible Type

A semi-flexible type comprises of two halves, flexible & rigid. The rigid end does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts, but flexible member accommodates angular misalignment. In the floating type shaft, this type of coupling is used.

Types of gear couplings:-

  • Flexible couplings: It transmits the torque efficiently and allows radial, axial and angular misalignment. The Flexible coupling manufacturers allow part of coupling to move if any misalignment occurs. This does not allow any kind of bending or axial stresses. It can be installed easily and require no maintenance.
  • Rigid couplings: The two shafts are fixed together so that there is no motion between them. It is used to maintain alignment between the two shafts.
  • Grid couplings: It is made of corrugated steel grids that can be bent to balance the load by misalignment.
  • Chain couplings: In chain couplings, a roller chain connects sprockets on the end of each shaft.
  • Solid and magnetic coupling: Such couplings do not require lubrication. It transmits torque by connecting two shafts.

Coupling manufacturer in India focuses to provide coupling with features like:

  • No backlash
  • Low weight
  • High torque capacity
  • Reduce vibration
  • Number of designs of shaft attachments
  • AT high RPM, it is well balanced
  • Should be rigid torsionally

This quick overview may help to make a perfect use of gear coupling.