Features of Our Overhead Conveyors

HIC India designs and develops overhead conveyors that are efficient, economical and very user-friendly. The conveyor system comes with different wheel configurations, and can be useful for different industries as their efficient load handling application. These overload conveyors are designed to move on the ceiling tracks and can process a variety of loads. HIC India complete conveyor system includes the trolley chains or universal chains, which allow the conveyors to move in the multi-directional paths to carry loads to its specific destination without any difficulty. HIC India also designs various types of hangers so that you can conveniently pick different types of loads at your facility.

HIC India, we pioneer in designing overhead conveyor systems that can address any type of material handling requirements. HIC India provide overhead conveyors that are capable of multi-direction operations, such as horizontal, vertical and inverted movement of loads. HIC India conveyors come with solid and sturdy wheels, robust load axles, and reinforced track brackets. Thus, these overhead conveyors are perfect for your long-lasting material handling requirements in different types of setups. With a strongly-built wheel chain assembly, there is the least deflection while carrying loads and it also ensures an efficient and time-saving processing of loads.

Best features of our overhead conveyors:

  • Optimal space utilization with four-dimensional travel overhead movement
  • A flexible system with modular tracks and chains for an easy extension/reduction of the conveying path
  • Standardized parts for an easy installation and maintenance
  • Custom-made configurations and designs according to material handling requirements