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A Small Account on the Problem With The New V Belt Pulley

The v belt pulley is useful for creating intense tension on the dragging works to keep up the transportation activities on. But the regular users may have to confront some problems with this new system. There are solution guides also for such problems. The primary manual of the solution demands to have the regular inspection on the activeness of the system.

 ü  The respective problems

 The following problems are the most common ones to bother the users a lot.

  • The breaking down of the belt

The breaking down of the belt may happen due to different reasons-

a)       If the design of the pulley is not compatible with the belt.

b)      If the belt in the v belt pulley gets rolled in the upper end.

c)       If the objects starts falling on to the drive defusing the activity that creates unnecessary pressure on weaker side of the system.

 Completing the installation procedure once again with a compatible one can solve these problems. That is why; it is highly necessary to find the compatible components to fix on to the pulleys.

  • The incapability to carry the loads

Usually, the v belts are used to transport the loads from one side to another. It depends on its capability. But due to some invisible reasons, it may be incapable to carry the respective loads. The usual reason behind this is the wrong installation procedure from the beginning.

 Apart from these, the breaking down of the edge cords is also common trouble for the regular users.

What are Timing Belts and Timing Chains?

You must have heard advice from your family or friend when you had bought a car to makes sure when the timing belt was done, but did you ever realized what timing belt is? It is essential in a car to about the purpose of the timing belt and also that when it was last changed.

Both of them performs the same function; they need to connect the camshaft and the crankshaft to keep them rotating in a sync. Despite having the similar functionality both are different component. They both have the benefits and disadvantages. They are not visible when you open the bonnet of the car as they are sheltered by the metal or plastic cover to watch them from debris.

The engine is fundamentally split up into two parts; one is the top part and the bottom one. Both the parts of the engine must rotate precisely on time with each other. And this is the accountability of the timing belt or chain to make sure that it happens without any malfunction. If it so happens that the timing goes out of sync only for a couple of degrees the engine will start showing symptoms like:

•    Miss-firing from intake or exhaust

•    Rough running

•    Difficult starting

•    Lack of power

•    Overheating

Timing belts Vs. Timing chains:

Timing belts:

It is made up of rubber which is reinforced with steel wire. It is flexible and there, is no metal contact it eliminates the need for any lubrication. The manufacturer recommends that there should be changing the timing belt between every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, you can ask the manufacturer for the exact recommendation to do so. The water pump can be replaced at the same time as the belt because it has done as much work as the belt.

Timing chain

It is made up of metal and resembles the chain as that of a motorbikes or bicycles. The chain also needs lubrication by engine oil. As a general rule, it only needs to be changed when it is giving specific problems. So the main benefit is that it lasts for long. It also makes louder noise while working.


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Changing the V Belt Can Reduce your Electrical Bill

With the present expanding vitality costs everybody is searching for an approach to have vitality proficient frameworks, yet do you realize that you can likewise enable lessening this expenses by changing your V belt drive to synchronous drive?

The present ventures spend around 70% of the vitality running electrical engine frameworks, so the undeniable activity will be transform them to new energy proficient units, right?. Indeed, the appropriate response is: not generally; as this will be a high expenses and long down time on generation.

A high proficiency unit or framework is one that has the capacity of transmitting the most power with less electricity loss. What we find in the business is that the most widely recognized type of vitality misfortune is warm, which is produced by erosion.

In this way, we are coming to the heart of the matter. As a V belt works, it goes in a cycle from the pulleys to the straight segment and again to the pulleys and all the while, contact is created and delivers warm. Since consistent V Belt don't twist effortlessly, they deliver a higher measure of warmth if contrasted and cogged belts or timing belts, which will twist effectively, producing less contact, traduced in less warmth, which means less vitality misfortune.

V belt manufacturers company claims V belts perform at 93% of effectiveness if appropriate kept up while timing belts perform at 98% of productivity. How we traduce that cash to make it additionally fascinating. We should expect we have a 10HP electric engine that runs 7500 hours for each year and the cost of vitality is $0.0696 per KWh (Average cost for Electricity in USA Industrial division January 2014).

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If we are using v-belt drive, the efficiency is 93% If we are using synchronous drive, the efficiency is 98%
KW Consumed=(.746*10)/.93 KW consumed=(0.746*10)/0.98
KW Consumed=8.02 KW consumed=7.31
Energy Cost=7500*8.02*.0696 Energy Cost=7500*7.31*.0696
Energy Cost=$ 4,186.44 Energy Cost=$ 3,815.82

The Miracle of The V Belt Pulley

V belt acts as a transmission belt that connects the pulley attached to it and transmits the force from the engine to the supplementary machinery which includes alternator, the hydraulic pump, and many other components.


  • Function

The v belt pulley manufacturer makes the pulley attached with the v-belt for a particular purpose. The piston makes a movement whenever there is combustion of the fuel in a combustion engine. Pistons are connected to the rods and the movement of these pistons makes a crankshaft movement. The force from the rotation of the crankshaft makes the v-belt drive the v belt pulley also. So it is responsible for the high comfort during rides and also corrects operation of the engine.

  • Safety

The driver will have the feeling of comfort and safety as the ancillary components are in perfect working order. For instance, the pulley along with the v-belt is responsible for ensuring the operation of the air conditioning compressor so that it maintains the pleasant atmosphere inside the car. It also helps in the power steering assistance to the driver while driving. Electrical energy for the sparking and ignition of the engine or the ejection system is the work done by the v-belt. It also controls engine overheating by ensuring that the coolant circulates in the engine, preventing the worst situation.

  • Depreciation

Power cannot be supplied to the engine, or the engine might fail due to overheating as the water pump fails in such situation. Therefore torn v-belt is avoided as much as possible by the drivers. The main reason is friction that goes out of hand. So the replacement of belt at regular intervals as prescribed by the v-belt pulley manufacturer is a must.


Timing Chains Vs Timing Belts: The Bizarre Truths You Won’t Believe


If you haven’t heard about them, you belong to the majority who know little about car engines. The timing chain vs timing belt choice does the interesting reading and reminds that we should find out more about how engines work in a world of industry and technology.

Both serve the same purpose. But first, try to understand what the camshaft and crankshaft do. The camshaft ensures that the valves of the engine open and close at the right time. The crankshaft refers to a long metal rod that helps to turn the wheels. Both the timing chain and timing belt serve the same purpose in an internal combustion engine to synchronize the operations of the camshaft and crankshaft. The engine valves need to open and close at the appropriate time during the intake and exhaust stroke of the cylinder. If it is an interference engine, the timing belt or chain helps prevent the piston striking the valves. According to the engine configuration, the timing belt could drive other constituents like the oil pump and water pump.

While the timing chain represents a roller chain, the timing belt is a drive belt that has teeth on the inner side.

Consider the advantages of timing chain vs timing belt

A car engine needs either of them. Instead of timing chains or belts, gears can also be used to drive the camshafts. Timing belts work quietly in comparison to chains. Chains last longer but belts are more efficient, cheaper and lighter. Made of rubber and fiber, timing belts need to be replaced periodically according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Why is It Important To Choose The Best V Belt Manufacturer?

V belt suppliers in India advice to replace v belts after every six months and it depends on equipment run time. There are many types and sizes of commercial v belts. If you are not certain what type of belt you need to use, check with distributors or suppliers. These belts are used for assisting the crossing v - belt number and it has different numbers for the same size of belts.  V belts are clogged or notched inside are used in high torque situations.

V belt Manufacturers in Delhi focuses on development of long distance applications.

  • It is necessary to change, a cut or damaged V belts as it is the fastest and easiest way of identifying a belt and deduce the part number that is written on it.
  • These belts offer full maintenance facility and is used in various places like tractors, tillers, mowers and harvesters.
  • Using these v belts tips, all your equipments like exhaust fans, air conditioner or furnaces run at maximum efficiency just after a few minutes of installation.
  • It will also help you to save money in the long - run.

Industrial belts manufacturers prefer to use a pitch length for identifying belts. However, most users use the inner circumstance of belt for identification purpose. Proper v belt tension should be set with v belt tension tool so that v belts can stretch. Most stretching takes place in the first hour of operation and it is important to re- check the tension of the belt. It is important to install v belts properly so that it enjoys maximum life and efficiency. Ensure that your v belt pulley is lined with strait edge and is not worn out.

Trend of v-belts in India

The process of advancement has taken place with the real quick in India. Not only in terms of economics, but it did change the view regarding technology. To draw the view clearer in the minds of the people, let’s take an example of the growing industries in our country. Everybody knows that there have been many big industries which have been set up to give the finest product to its customer. But has anyone thought of how they are able to give finest production every time. It is because of the various parts of the machines. Likewise, V-belts in India are being used in most of the industries because it resolves one of the main purposes, that weight is carried by a pulley which is not being possible without belts.

These belts which are used in pulley to carry heavy weights, so it is really important that they should be made of fine material and that is why belts of material like polyester cord reinforced V-belts in India are used in most of the industries for better durability. Few exporters in India or the manufacturers of such belts try to manufacture the belt of better quality by using Tuff material to it.

There are other Belts too of different material which are being used by the industry like a Nylon sandwich belt in India, which is being made of nylon to a long lasting working. In this belt there is a combination of nylon and rubber as well. The thin belt of nylon is being covered by the layer of rubber on both sides. It has been observed that the common usage of rubber flat belting in India is common in every industry.

So, with the increase in demand and supply the trend of producing different belts has been adopted.

Know the Worth of the Classic V-belts Exporters

Because of the establishment of the industrialization in our country, it has been observed that the empty fields are now occupied with the big building block of famous industries. These industries work to satisfy the need at large. But for the proper working of the industry, it is really important to give the best output in its production and such output could be drawn by the various excellent machinery systems and its part.

To make excellence in the production there are various companies in the market which provide various machinery parts of good quality which could last for a really long time. If we see the production structure of the classic V-belts exporters and wedge V-belts exporters we could easily conclude that the not only the quality of belts are fine, but they are manufactured with long lasting durability so that no industry could register any complaints regarding it.

Those industries which work with the machinery of pulley, various exporters in the market have manufactured a large number of varieties in producing belts for such machine. For an example, if we take a look at narrow V-belts exporters, they produce belts which are thin and narrow and used in carrying less weight while on the other hand, hexagonal V-belts exporter exports a new kind of belts for pulley which are in hexagon shape for carrying strong weight and to pull it. Such variety of pulley belts by the different exporters is really necessary. These belts are designed with strong durability so that it could serve the purpose for a very long time. The prices of such belts are really affordable in the market so that any buyer could easily buy these.

Hence, we could see that market has developed a variety of parts for better production.

Few Words Regarding Belts For Your Benefits

“Belts” are one of the important components for every industry as they are responsible for controlling the functions of a pulley. You can find different kinds of belts with an unusual variety of features to perform dissimilar functions. Nowadays several companies are dealing with the manufacturing of belts, all you have to select as per your working conditions and preferences. Some of them are mentioned below:

Classic V-belt manufacturers deal with totally perfect concept regarding belts. Such belts are ideal for pulley or small pulley. Such manufacturers design belts with the specially treated jacket to give superior anti-static heat and oil resistant properties which exceed the new industry anti – ignition standards.

In the same manner wedge V-belts manufacturers design belts with the different concept and different shape. Wedge V-belts are different from other normal belts as the other normal belts are generally flat in nature, but the previous one has the wedge like structure that is being embossed with the platform like structure, although not much thick but embossed. Whereas on the other hand narrow V-belt manufacturers design the belts whose width is narrow or are not much wide in nature. Such kinds of belts are being used in the small pulley to carry light weight at the smaller scale.

Walking on the same path of belts, hexagonal V-belt manufacturers designed completely different and interesting belts which might use at some special works place. These belts are designed in the hexagon shape and not regular flat shaped which centralize or run more power by the concept of a pulley. The auto fan belt manufacturers deal with the belts that are generally used in auto parts like a bike, automobiles, scooters, auto rickshaw and hence designed in the very special manner for such automotive.

So, it has been seen that the market is loaded with highly advanced belts and also deals with the variety of products to suit for your industry.

Get the Best Suppliers to Get The Best Quality of Belts and Rollers

The demand for conveyor belts varies from place to place and it mainly depends on its needs and usage. Rubber belt suppliers and manufacturers design the conveyer belts and rollers according to the specifications of the clients. These are widely used by people as it is flexible and light in weight. It reduces chance of accidents and injury to labors in the factory.


The rubber conveyor belts are used mainly in the food industry, grocery stores and the places that need speed processing of goods. These are designed in such a way that it can be installed without much difficulty. There are many rubber conveyor belt suppliers all over the world and they make more profits as these belts are cheap and are usually purchased in bulk.


Another type of conveyor belt is the PVC conveyor belts. PVC conveyor belt suppliers are making more profits due to versatility of the products. The PVC conveyor belts can be inclined easily at different angles as per needs of client. Polyvinyl chloride is considered to be the best for construction purpose as it is flexible, resistant to wear and tear and has low stretching ability. These are available in different color and it increases utility of product in different segments of market.

The idler rollers make work of the conveyor belts more easy and effective. If you are unaware of use of idler rollers, you may call the idler roller suppliers to know its use and precautions. The idler rollers may fail to function due to contaminations by the bearings and the rolling elements. The suppliers can guide about use of different belts in the best way as they deal with them every day.