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Conveyor Belts Supplier for Mining Industries

The portable conveyors have proved their presence on thousand of projects which are used for building, refurbishment, maintenance projects and also for disaster management.  The conveyor belt helps to increase the productivity, reduces the manpower and avoid  incidents which occur during mining.

There are few points while choosing a conveyor belt supplier for mining:

1. Do they provide surveys and inspections of your location: You want to know that you are using the best product and services. You want someone to know about the conveyor system especially for mining .

2. Do they have service crews: You want the conveyor belt supplier to be there when for expect them whether it's for installation, troubleshooting or preventative measures, the supplier should be available at the time of emergency.

3. Do they have an in-depth knowledge of everything that's available.

Some suppliers are having knowledge of heavyweight belt whereas some others are well versed in light weighted belting products. Your suppliers should be well versed in both because applying right solution to apply in each individual circumstances and the supplier should be familiar with component and accessory used in different type of systems.

4. Are they experienced with servicing customers like me?-  They should have experience servicing the industry and even competitors. Are they having knowledge of common issues they face on regular basis. Do they understand the needs individually and as a whole.

5. Will they prove the value that they're providing? - Your supplier should always think of ways to help you to save the money. Are they provide solutions to reduce or minimize the downtime? Are they help to reduce the need of labor.

6. Do they provide on-site training - You need to understand the applications of product so that you can handle emergencies . Some conveyor belt suppliers train the entire staff on various topics from safety to troubleshooting problems especially it is important for mining.

Conveyor Rollers – Uses, Features and Problems

There are many types of duty heavy rollers – Chain driven live roller conveyors, pallet accumulation conveyors, chain and roller conveyors and the multi – strand chain conveyors.

The Conveyor Duty Heavy Roller is used for movement of items that is of minimum 500 lbs. Such conveyors require handling of heavy equipments for an easy and effective movement. These move at a speed of 75 ft/ minute. The most common problem of the conveyor drive roller is the misalignment of the belt drive. This may also cause premature failure of the belt and there is an increased chance of wear and fatigue of belts. These belts should be correctly aligned during installation. An angular misalignment results in accelerated belts and provides stability to you. Some of the symptoms like tracking forces, tensile, etc make them more sensitive.

The conveyor plastic roller requires low maintenance. The repair work can be done without removing the belt also. These don’t even need fabric variants. This provision needs restoring of hygiene standard in the food processing industries. These can be washed with the best cleaners or soap water.

If there is a Conveyor Roller System, you should not climb, stand or touch the conveyors at any time. If proper precautions are not followed, it can also lead to injury. Most people become mischievous about their injuries and it also results in damage of equipments. proper maintenance of conveyors is important and it should not be locked or blocked. make sure that you don’t overload your conveyor system.

For the conveyor custom roller, you should use ventilators for removing the fumes. You should store elastomers in the areas that have sprinkler systems and keep it away from sparks and flames. You should protect your eyes and face by using safety goggles and face shields.

Get The Best and The Most Reliable Conveyor Belt

Available in different sizes, different belts have different uses. Conveyor belt cleaners are used to clear the spillage of liquid in different parts of the system. It is generally advised to keep the conveyor running while cleaning so that all the debris can be removed effectively. Before using this belt, you should wear all the safety equipments like glasses, helmet and many other things.

Projections of belt can cause violent movement for cleaning and this can cause hardware failure that can make you cause severe injuries. The Vertical Conveyor Belt should always be mounted in proper bed cross section. It should be attached to the guardrail channels in its opposite sides to prevent any kind of injury or death. Make sure to use all kinds of fasteners to tighten it. The guardrails should be adjoined properly or it may create jams.

Horizontal Belt Conveyors have wide applicability in different industries, but for using this also, you need to take some precautionary measures. While using this, you should never put your hands in between or it may cause injury. You should stop the conveyor system immediately if jam gets created. This prevents the belt from getting damaged. Conveyor belt vulcanizing should have as much tension created as it may be necessary and it should prevent any kind of sagging activity. These should be lubricated properly for its smooth functioning.

Also, don’t install and uninstall these types of belts regularly or it may damage the whole conveyor system. So oil it at regular intervals.

What is The Purpose of Different Conveyor Belts?

It is suggested that the people should read the manuals before using a cleated conveyor belt. You should always transport their position downwards. You should always empty the conveyors before making any movement. It is also necessary to ensure that the parts of the system are totally clean. Even before operating the belt, make sure that all your safety equipments are proper. Don’t allow the person responsible to work on it to trespass the location of work.

For using Incline Belt Conveyor, make sure that the inclined belt is not located at a height less than 2.5 m from the ground. You should also ensure that the area in which you are using, it is a guarded place and security is at its best. It is also advised that you should give importance to removal of accumulation of materials. Magnetic Belt Conveyor is used when the magnets are installed at the chutes making a collection of all the substances easily. They can be cleaned easily with the help of iron removal cover. For making use of magnets in liquids, you should specify its type. These can be installed very easily, but proper care needs to given to people.

If rubber belts are used, it should be seen that they are stored properly and any harmful material does not get mixed with it. These are capable of bearing even a high level of stress due to its flexibility to form sheets or any shaped profile. You are also advised to use the belts since the start of the whole process. Belt fasteners join both the ends of the belts with metal hinges or plates. Before choosing your fastener, you should consider its thickness, operating tension and many other factors reduce its adverse effects. It should also be free from all the contaminating agents.

The environmental conditions should also be considered and this can increase the overall productivity of your firm. These are durable and have high strength. It is easy to install these and can be afforded easily as it bears high loads at the same time.

So, make the use of the best suitable belt.