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Poly Vinyl Chloride Conveyor Belts

HIC PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Conveyor Belts, with single or multi plies, have a high application in various light, medium and heavy industries, including electronics, Food & Pharma, Bakery and Confectionary, Meat & Poultry, Packaging, Wood working, Glass, Ply and Board, Automobile, Health and Fitness, just to name a few. We are Dynamic Industrials have the requisite expertise and experience to offer our clients superior range of imported conveyor belts such as PVC conveyor belts. HIC India have facility of vulcanized joints, fused sidewalls and cleats, tracking profiles to serve for elevating conveyors for food or other products. HIC conveyor used premium grade of PVC material and fabric carcass, our PVC conveyor belts are happily being implemented and installed throughout various industries in India and other parts of the world.

HIC PVC Conveyor Belts Width Sizes : 100 mm to 2800 mm belt
HIC REGULAR standard conveyor belt widths : 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, and 1950 mm
HIC PVC Conveyor Belts  Thickness : PVC-food quality White belts and smooth surface finish produced 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 2.7 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
HIC PVC Conveyor Belts  Thickness : PVC Green or Black color conveyor nitrile belting produced 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 mm
HIC PVC Conveyor Belts Pebble Top :  PVC belt also being produced.
HIC PVC Conveyor Belts Bottom surface : Food quality White or Green- Black color PVC coated having total-belt thickness 3, 5, 6 mm


Features of Our Overhead Conveyors

HIC India designs and develops overhead conveyors that are efficient, economical and very user-friendly. The conveyor system comes with different wheel configurations, and can be useful for different industries as their efficient load handling application. These overload conveyors are designed to move on the ceiling tracks and can process a variety of loads. HIC India complete conveyor system includes the trolley chains or universal chains, which allow the conveyors to move in the multi-directional paths to carry loads to its specific destination without any difficulty. HIC India also designs various types of hangers so that you can conveniently pick different types of loads at your facility.

HIC India, we pioneer in designing overhead conveyor systems that can address any type of material handling requirements. HIC India provide overhead conveyors that are capable of multi-direction operations, such as horizontal, vertical and inverted movement of loads. HIC India conveyors come with solid and sturdy wheels, robust load axles, and reinforced track brackets. Thus, these overhead conveyors are perfect for your long-lasting material handling requirements in different types of setups. With a strongly-built wheel chain assembly, there is the least deflection while carrying loads and it also ensures an efficient and time-saving processing of loads.

Best features of our overhead conveyors:

  • Optimal space utilization with four-dimensional travel overhead movement
  • A flexible system with modular tracks and chains for an easy extension/reduction of the conveying path
  • Standardized parts for an easy installation and maintenance
  • Custom-made configurations and designs according to material handling requirements


This is the reason why the Used Conveyor Belts are so famous

Industrial production is meant for business and business is intended for profit. To gain the advantage, it’s necessary to be methodical and calculative. In both the heavy and lightweight industries, conveyor belts are essential. In many cases, the authorities of the industries decide on installing used conveyor belts for some reasons that prove them to be wise and calculative.

The Reasons behind the Popularity of the Used Conveyor Belt

The popularity of any part or object comes from the convenience of its usage, maintenance, and replacement. In the present industrial market, the used conveyor belts are popular for the following reasons-

1 The Cost Effectiveness
The first and foremost reason is the cost because the expense of the used items is naturally less than the new items. So, it is economical for any industry.

2 Soothing Work
As such items are used before also, its parts are accustomed to the motion. Therefore, the 2nd owner does not have to face the post installation work adjustment problems. Rather, it starts operating in its intended and usual movement.

3 The Durability
These items are usually long durable. Therefore, they have long durability spite of being second-hand items. So, the used conveyor belts provide extended durability in lower price.

These conveniences prove why such items are so famous in the industrial market.

The Best Mining Equipment in South Africa

As the natural resource utilization is increasing day by day, mining industries are growing their business proportionally. Mining activities is on full swing in south Africa as it hosts a number of ores. So it becomes necessary to use the mining equipment in South Africa to carry the mining work. It is extremely tricky and tough  to use the machines which can  impact the important aspects of the industry. The mining equipment performs specific job to streamline process to perform mining. The mining includes work that is carried out above or underground through crude oil, gold, metals or coal. The mining industry has advanced technology to carry out the work efficiently and quickly.

Mining Equipment South Africa


The mining drills are  used to carry mining work underground. Drilling helps to cut rock and mines. The drilling  are operated in remote manner now. It helps to perform drilling to carry out underground well and routes around the ground.


Blasting is used to break the rocks through explosives and take the desired material from the wastes. It is dangerous aspect to carry out work with explosives.


Mining Equipment in South Africa

The earth movers carry soil and earth from one part of mine to another by removing unwanted matter easily. The specialized operator are used to transport and push earth. It uses heavy pieces of machinery which is necessary to carry the mining work.


It is used to break up and crush stone and rock to achieve high level of productivity. This process is used to move and transport rock matter which is easier and convenient. It is easy and cheap to deal with small material as we need to have less specialized equipment.

It allows job to carry out the task effectively and efficiently also. The industry is all about tools and equipment. The construction manager and business owner feel that getting new machinery is the solution to all problems. Buying a new equipment can be a challenging procedure and it should take various factors into consideration. The machinery should be thoroughly examined and there may be some equipment failures. One needs to consider various factors while choosing the equipment. These equipment are costly and needs to be strong enough. We "HIC International" popularly known as Universal Delhi is famous for providing high quality mining equipment in South Africa  that can carry  the task efficiently irrespective of environment factors.

Used Conveyor Belt Supplier in Delhi

The used conveyor belt is quite cheap and is a good option to be used for industrial purposes. It is carefully inspected for any sort of flaws. The used conveyor belt is cut to any size, length or shape using the high quality tools . It is mainly used for stone crushers and there are many advantages which are offered in terms of cost saving and performance.

Advantages of Used Conveyor Belt:

• Excellent performance
• Long service life
• Cost-effective
• Standard as well as customized forms available

If you purchase the used conveyor belt then its cost is reduced from 50 to 85% as compared to the new belt and will provide long service.
It is extremely good and is used for many applications such as covers, protection, water barriers, livestock, countless other uses. It exhibits the same strength and capabilities just like new belts.
The used conveyor belt is stronger than any other rubber material which has got same thickness. It is used to carry tons of sharp, pointed items from thousand feets of mines. It is designed to bear extreme weather conditions.
The entire range of used conveyor belt revolves around market trends , expectations and are made up of nylon. It can be customized as per customer requirements.

Used Conveyor_Belt