abrasion resistance conveyor belt

Characteristics of Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

HIC International Universaldelhi deals in various types of conveyor belting system and its parts. We have a large no of satisfied clients in India and abroad. The country whom we export conveyor belts are-> USA, Australia, Germany, Korea China etc.

We are going to list here characteristics of our abrasion resistant conveyor system

abrasion resistance conveyor belt

High Abrasion and Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belting and Conveyor Belt manufacturers

We are a well known conveyor belt supplier, manufacture and exporter of high quality abrasion resistant conveyor belting system. These types of conveyor belts are widely used in industries like airports, shipyards, thermal power plants and other such industries. Beautifully designed and engineered with best possible accuracy, these conveyor belts are popular for carrying glass, cullet, granite, trap rock and other abrasive material that is inflammable in nature and require temperature resistant carrier.

Correct in size and functionally superior these heat resistant carrier belts are used for moving goods in bulks. It is capable of carrying goods from storage to production and vice versa. High quality rubber used in making these abrasion resistant conveyor belts keep the business operation on flawlessly.  We also customize these belts according to client’s requirements.


  • Belt covers compounded from super abrasion rubber
  • Resistance to water
  • High elasticity
  • Heat resistant

Technical Data:

Grade Min. Tensile Strength (N/mm2) Min. Elongation at Break (%) Max. Abrasion Loss (mm3) Max. Temperature (‘C) Application Areas:
W 18 400% 90 80 Super Abrasive material such as Lime stone, Metal Ore, Slag Iron, Glass, Hard rock etc.
A 18 400% 70 80