The Best Mining Equipment in South Africa

As the natural resource utilization is increasing day by day, mining industries are growing their business proportionally. Mining activities is on full swing in south Africa as it hosts a number of ores. So it becomes necessary to use the mining equipment in South Africa to carry the mining work. It is extremely tricky and tough  to use the machines which can  impact the important aspects of the industry. The mining equipment performs specific job to streamline process to perform mining. The mining includes work that is carried out above or underground through crude oil, gold, metals or coal. The mining industry has advanced technology to carry out the work efficiently and quickly.

Mining Equipment in South Africa


The mining drills are  used to carry mining work underground. Drilling helps to cut rock and mines. The drilling  are operated in remote manner now. It helps to perform drilling to carry out underground well and routes around the ground.


Blasting is used to break the rocks through explosives and take the desired material from the wastes. It is dangerous aspect to carry out work with explosives.


Mining Equipment in South Africa

The earth movers carry soil and earth from one part of mine to another by removing unwanted matter easily. The specialized operator are used to transport and push earth. It uses heavy pieces of machinery which is necessary to carry the mining work.


It is used to break up and crush stone and rock to achieve high level of productivity. This process is used to move and transport rock matter which is easier and convenient. It is easy and cheap to deal with small material as we need to have less specialized equipment.

It allows job to carry out the task effectively and efficiently also. The industry is all about tools and equipment. The construction manager and business owner feel that getting new machinery is the solution to all problems. Buying a new equipment can be a challenging procedure and it should take various factors into consideration. The machinery should be thoroughly examined and there may be some equipment failures. One needs to consider various factors while choosing the equipment. These equipment are costly and needs to be strong enough. We "HIC International" popularly known as Universal Delhi is famous for providing high quality mining equipment in South Africa  that can carry  the task efficiently irrespective of environment factors.

Few Conveyor System Maintenance Tips

Amidst a testing economy and contracting capital spending plans, many organizations are confronted with the overwhelming test of keeping maturing transport frameworks up and running admirably past when they'd usually be making a beeline for the piece yard. Not at all like a fine wine, mechanical gear doesn't typically show signs of improvement with age. In any case, there is promise for the individuals who don't have the advantage of moving up to a fresh out of the plastic new, cutting edge framework at any point in the near future, and HIC International can offer assistance. Here are a couple Conveyor System Maintenance tips to keep those belts a-turning.

1. Support Technician

The most generally undervalued legends of each office are the men and ladies wearing apparatus belts. One of the greatest slip-ups we see organizations do is either not procure an upkeep expert or come up short on one. Consider it, would you go to the least expensive specialist around the local area on the off chance that you were wiped out? A decent specialist will adjust little issues before they turn out to be huge ones. In life, everything boils down to how you need to spend your cash. Would you rather burn through cash on lost deals and miserable clients when your framework goes down and you can't get the item out the entryway, or on an extraordinary upkeep specialist? Procuring a decent upkeep specialist is difficult, and HIC International can help you distinguish the perfect individual for the occupation or place one of our talented experts in your office.

2. Save Parts

Offer me a mechanical part that never should be supplanted, and I'll see you some sea front property in Arizona. There are sure things in this world you can essentially bet on. The sun will come up tomorrow. The Cubs are not heading off to the World Series. What's more, mechanical parts are in the end going to bomb (in all probability best case scenario conceivable time). Contingent on which part falls flat, a breakdown can stop generation for quite a while. Go long stretches without supplanting a flopped part and genuine harm could be delivered on different parts of the framework. We very prescribe keeping a well being load of all basic and long lead time Conveyor parts available. On the off chance that this is not in the financial plan, we can work with you to guarantee your basic parts are kept in stock at our distribution center.

3. Preventive Maintenance

In the event that you just arrangement to settle stuff when it breaks, will be extremely bustling settling stuff. Mechanical equipment–including conveyors–must be kept up. Diverse parts of your framework require distinctive levels of preventive care. It's the same than your auto. Take after the prescribed administration timetable, and it will run quite a while. Try not to perform benefit on the auto, and you'll continually be perched in favor of the street. HIC International can work with you to build up a far reaching preventive support arrange. By taking after this, you will guarantee yourself most extreme framework up-time.

4. Framework Audit and Documentation

It's critical to persistently assess your Conveyor framework to guarantee it's running easily. A ton of times you can hear and notice a little issue well before it turns into a major one. Tragically, the individuals who are around the framework consistently experience serious difficulties when something flops gradually after some time. HIC International can help by coming in and playing out a total framework review. By reviewing your whole framework from infeed to release, we can help guarantee it is not made a beeline for disastrous disappointment.

5. Out of date Equipment and Parts

At times cash forbids supplanting whole frameworks. In any case, it's vital to remain current on what transport and parts inside your framework are old and didn't really being produced. Knowing this can help you and your organization settle on insightful business choices. For instance, on the off chance that we know a specific kind of transport is never again being fabricated, we may decide it would be all the more fiscally judicious to stock extra parts for this bit of gear than supplant it completely. HIC International is always being made mindful of hardware that is getting to be plainly outdated, and we can help you plan for this circumstance.

6. Repair Wisely

Keeping up a huge material dealing with framework can overpower. It's imperative that we consider required repairs as far as time. For instance, if a heading goes out in an inside drive, the practical thing to do is supplant the bearing as it were. Notwithstanding, the canny thing to do is supplant both direction and conceivably the pulley. Dismantling the drive segment requires some serious energy, for the most part significantly additional time than really changing out the segments. It's vital to settle things insight-fully.

Keeping up transports can be an overwhelming employment. Notwithstanding, with a smidgen of association and thought, you can amplify the life of a transport framework well past what the maker claims.

Used Conveyor Belt Supplier in Delhi

The used conveyor belt is quite cheap and is a good option to be used for industrial purposes. It is carefully inspected for any sort of flaws. The used conveyor belt is cut to any size, length or shape using the high quality tools . It is mainly used for stone crushers and there are many advantages which are offered in terms of cost saving and performance.

Advantages of Used Conveyor Belt:

• Excellent performance
• Long service life
• Cost-effective
• Standard as well as customized forms available

If you purchase the used conveyor belt then its cost is reduced from 50 to 85% as compared to the new belt and will provide long service.
It is extremely good and is used for many applications such as covers, protection, water barriers, livestock, countless other uses. It exhibits the same strength and capabilities just like new belts.
The used conveyor belt is stronger than any other rubber material which has got same thickness. It is used to carry tons of sharp, pointed items from thousand feets of mines. It is designed to bear extreme weather conditions.
The entire range of used conveyor belt revolves around market trends , expectations and are made up of nylon. It can be customized as per customer requirements.

Conveyor Belts Supplier for Mining Industries

The portable conveyors have proved their presence on thousand of projects which are used for building, refurbishment, maintenance projects and also for disaster management.  The conveyor belt helps to increase the productivity, reduces the manpower and avoid  incidents which occur during mining.

There are few points while choosing a conveyor belt supplier for mining:

1. Do they provide surveys and inspections of your location: You want to know that you are using the best product and services. You want someone to know about the conveyor system especially for mining .

2. Do they have service crews: You want the conveyor belt supplier to be there when for expect them whether it’s for installation, troubleshooting or preventative measures, the supplier should be available at the time of emergency.

3. Do they have an in-depth knowledge of everything that’s available.

Some suppliers are having knowledge of heavyweight belt whereas some others are well versed in light weighted belting products. Your suppliers should be well versed in both because applying right solution to apply in each individual circumstances and the supplier should be familiar with component and accessory used in different type of systems.

4. Are they experienced with servicing customers like me?-  They should have experience servicing the industry and even competitors. Are they having knowledge of common issues they face on regular basis. Do they understand the needs individually and as a whole.

5. Will they prove the value that they’re providing? – Your supplier should always think of ways to help you to save the money. Are they provide solutions to reduce or minimize the downtime? Are they help to reduce the need of labor.

6. Do they provide on-site training – You need to understand the applications of product so that you can handle emergencies . Some conveyor belt suppliers train the entire staff on various topics from safety to troubleshooting problems especially it is important for mining.

Flexible roller conveyor industrial and mining uses

The mining industry for production lines, transportation and production department uses heavy duty belt conveyor.  They are made from a main belt supported by conveyor rollers or conveyor idlers in a single lane or in a v shaped series. It is used mainly for conveying raw materials in a horizontal or inclined conveying system such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, grain and rocks.

A typical mining conveyor will use conveyor idler or heavy duty flexible roller conveyor. Conveyor systems bring incredible amount of benefits to business so they are used all over the world in hundreds of different industries. They mainly transport materials, merchandise and raw material. Conveyors reduce the security risk compared to forklift and move materials so they are installed almost anywhere. Conveyors are used in various industries such as automotive, agricultural, computer and electronics, food processing, aerospace and cans, mining industry so they come in variety of shape, sizes and weights.

Conveyor Rollers or Conveyor Idlers for the Mining Industry

Flexible roller conveyor is used in the mining industry due to its features such as strength, durability and also  low noise. A free wheeling roller design usually fit with adjustment screw to provide easy adjustment which eliminates misalignment of the shaft.

Externally a conveyor idler is much lighter than steel and provide a higher resistance to abrasion which is made of HPDE, high density polyethylene.

Structural resistance is very important when choosing the flexible roller conveyor. You can look for conveyor idlers with high quality aluminum which has reduced weight with no increase in weight.

Another important characteristic is the type of oil or grease use in the cartridge. A warm or tropical climate has a grease type mechanism whereas an arctic weather climate will work better with oil type mechanism.

The mining conveyor belt has high frequent maintenance as compared to other traditional industries and has the weight and volume moved by the conveyor is usually much higher due to the presence of dust and various other rubbles.

If there are abnormal noises, loose conveyor rollers, running deviation situation, motor reducer lubricant then it is essential to perform maintenance.

Flexible Roller Expandable Conveyor

We offer roller transports that incorporates Flexible Expandable Roller Conveyors and Flexible Roller Conveyors.


Extendable Conveyor Specifications:


100 lbs. limit per direct ft (level)


28-1/2″ to 37-1/4″ movable transport stature


18″, 24″ and 30″ transport widths


Accessible in any length to fit your applications


Adaptable Conveyor Features:


Consistent Duty Multiple Drive Motors – Line speed movable from 0 to 120 ft for every moment


Begin/Stop cycle 300 times each hour


On/Off switches at both closures


Roughly 3 amps for every 12 ft of transport


Strong DC drive engines with 120VAC


Discretionary 230VAC accessible


Self Tracking – Cartons take after the turns and turns of the transport way without utilizing designed bends.


1.9″ Rollers – Heavy obligation 16 gage exactness bearing rollers on 12 mm axles for more noteworthy toughness


“2″ Side Plates – Aluminum composite development highlights a ribbed outline for included quality


Collected with screws and bolt nuts


Flexible Height – Simply turn the locking handle to raise or lower the transport bed tallness


Square Tubing Legs – Exclusive overwhelming obligation square tubing legs for longer administration life


Casters with brakes – 8″ x 2″ swivel casters roll effectively over uneven surfaces


Caster brakes secure wheels while the transport is being used


Control roller 1.5″ adaptable transport is in a perfect world suited for truck stacking and emptying, circulation focuses, bundling, convenient sequential construction systems, delivering and getting operations


Limit is 100 pounds for every lineal foot, and in light of level transport


It runs easily with no dead spots—power is transmitted to each roller by solid polyurethane belt like line shaft transports


We use 1-1/2″ zinc plated rollers developed with a ½” strong steel hub and accuracy orientation for execution and long haul unwavering quality.

Presence of Hose Coupling Suppliers in South Africa

The hose coupling has gained huge experience in the marketing and production of industrial hoses around South Africa. The business is focused along with total service, repairing facilities and mainly emphasis on distribution, engineering, installation, manufacturing and ordering. Quality is having main importance which provides the services and thus come out with effective Hose Coupling Suppliers in Africa.

Staffs there are continually vigilant for new trade with different reputable businesses where we feel confident to value in terms of selling quality products at the right price. Before purchasing the services ensure they are utilizing advanced technologies. This guarantees you are at the opportune place getting the perfect Hose and Couplings for Africa.


Heliflex Hose South Africa is intended to be tough and adaptable and give flexible, durable, modern hoses customized to their application needs. Here, you can discover online technical support  offers an diverse range repairing service including Heliflex hose to suit different applications that require a proper maintenance intervention. Besides, they can supply an immense scope of PVC, elastic, and adaptable metallic hose clamps and couplings including hydraulic hose and fittings, determined mechanical hose, heavy duty hose, and so on with the small or large bore according to the particulars.


They additionally supply a  Camlock couplings for mining, mechanical, industrial applications, and petroleum applications. Additionally, the Camlock Couplings South Africa are effortlessly tradable with other diverse couplings and can be utilized with a wide range of PVC hoses, composite hoses, and rubber hoses. Over 10 years, they have got experience in providing high grade Camlock couplings with better toughness and execution than suit your particular requests. The company’s wide-ranging Camlock coupling stock holding helps to ensure immediate delivery with comprehensive product range at a reasonable price throughout South Africa so that clients can use it in a much economical ways for reconnecting or disconnecting.

They are sure that they can add value through different factors such as delivery to customer premises, technical support, and transport saving.



Significance of Conveyor Roller

Conveyor rollers have ended up being a standout among the most understood in modern warehouses. They make material dealing with significantly less demanding and offer a couple of choices that different sorts of equipment don’t. Gravity feed systems rely on upon a to a extremely slight slope, the heaviness of  the material being moved and the guidance of employees at key points indicates all together create a stream of parts in an assembly line. The method is very effective and is cheap to implement and takes into consideration the quality control at high level.  There are three ways that conveyor rollers have changed stockroom warehouse assembly lines.

Handle Materials Of Any Size

Conveyor Rollers are comprehensively used as part of warehouse on assembly lines because the individual roller cylinder are arranged as a unit.

Every cylinder is arranged absolutely with the objective that it is permitted to spin while additionally leaving as small of a gap as possible on the surface. The essential advantage of this strategy is that parts of any size can be put on the conveyor and then delivered downward towards the next processing point. Employees don’t need to worry over losing parts before they accomplish the objective. The straightforward gravity encourage framework in like manner ensures that there are no locales where more delicate parts could be stuck or crushed by the mechanism. Everything from heavy engine parts to bins of small components can be easily moved starting with one station then onto the next.

Customization Options

Flexible Conveyor rollers are implicit different plans with cylinders and bearings that are as little or as substantial as fundamental. The plan of a gravity fed unit will in like manner expand the portability of the equipment. This infers a single line  few distinctive conveyor racks that are each estimated fittingly for the segments that will be transported

Hydraulic Hoses Coupling and Fittings in UAE

Calling to be connectors willing to connection one hose with another, hydraulic hoses by hose pipe suppliers and manufactures are synonymous with quality and in addition validness. Being sturdy in nature and created with most grounded type of steel, these associating items are a basic piece of piping system. Truth be told, they are created with the assistance of stainless steel that lends them durability. Such Hydraulic and Hoses Fittings in UAE have created a revolution that made individuals go for it. Aside from utilizing steel, there are organizations that make hoses with different materials like brass and in addition aluminum.   As these materials are solid in nature, the hoses are made to withstand high amount of pressure.

Valuable Features of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings:

Hoses regularly have a burst mark  of 4 times the compression rating. This permits a lower reviewed hose to perform for a brief span period and tumble down because of excessive pressure handling. The broadly utilized hose by Hydraulic Hose and Fitting Suppliers in UAE is 3000 psi rated hose, which is shared with gear pumping tracks with high density cylinders . Hoses happen to inflate with each pressure cycle . What’s more, such sort of hoses by and large has an undulating steel end is also called a hydraulic fitting.

The hydraulic system at  Hydraulic Hose Suppliers in UAE will have no less than two hoses, first for the high  pressure hydraulic hoses  and second for the low-pressure recurring hoses. These are connected to a  hydraulic pump, which transports the liquid to  particular device. Aside from the hoses, the fitting likewise incorporate  flexible roller conveyor  that are produced broadly by suppliers in UAE.

Things to Know About Flexible Roller Conveyor:

Being a useful input to managing warehouses or shifting of materials the roller conveyor has created a niche. Such sorts of frameworks are basically useful in diminishing the need for physical work. This, thus, it tends to build the general effectiveness and work execution in the business. By giving important results, these conveyors have proved their worth.

Importance of Conveyor Roller

Conveyor rollers have turned out to be a standout amongst the most well known in modern warehouses. They make material taking care of much less demanding and offer a few choices that different sorts of equipment don't. Gravity feed systems depend on an extremely slight slope, the heaviness of the material being moved and the guidance of employees at key points indicates all together create a stream of parts in an assembly line. The procedure is exceptionally effective, is inexpensive to implement and takes into consideration an high level of quality control. There are three ways that conveyor rollers have changed warehouse assembly lines.

conveyor roller

Handle Materials Of Any Size

Conveyor Rollers are broadly utilized as a part of warehouses on assembly lines because of arrangement of individual roller cylinders on a unit. Each cylinder is situated precisely with the goal that it is allowed to spin while also leaving as small of a gap as possible on the surface. The essential advantage of this course of action is that parts of almost any size can be put on the conveyor and then delivered downward towards the next processing point. Employees don't have to stress over losing parts before they achieve the goal. The straightforward gravity encourage framework likewise guarantees that there are no regions where more sensitive parts could be stuck or smashed by the mechanism. Everything from heavy engine parts to bins of small components can be smoothly moved from one station to the next..

Customization Options

Conveyor rollers are built in various designs with cylinders and bearings that are as little or as substantial as fundamental. The design of a gravity fed unit will likewise expand the portability of the equipment. This implies a single line can be comprised of a few distinctive conveyor racks that are each estimated fittingly for the segments that will be transported. Also, as the goal of the finished product changes, the conveyor's segments are capable of being maneuvered so that they constantly end in an active area that has the space to accept the assembled good